10 months back, we made the huge decision to relocate our agency and also go in a different direction, creates Piers van Hamburg.

This was a massive choice at the time, considering I personally dealt with McGrath for close to 15 years. The idea of changing brand names was scaring.

While such a big move comes with lots of difficulties and pain, it has additionally really compelled me to change myself as well as enhance what I do. Simply put, it has forced me to come back on the tools and also truly concentrate on the craft of effectively offering real estate.

What I have actually also discovered throughout the years is, it remains in the moments of challenge and hardship where you experience the most amount of genuine, individual growth.

I’ll be honest, early this year was one of the most challenging times in my service job and also a time that I was most happy to have my wonderful household, pals as well as associates around to support me.

The good news is all tornados eventually blow over as well as between then and now I have worked on improving myself each day. A lot to ensure that I am proud to claim that I have just attained my best quarter in realty, marketing over $43 million dollars’ well worth of property in 90 days.

So, what were the leading 10 adjustments I made to do this?

I chose myself up and also cleaned myself off

Durability and also the capability to bounce back is most certainly the vital personality required to be a high-performing sales representative.

I got hungry

I decided to obtain starving again– say no much more.

I set large objectives

I set myself a huge, starving goal for the 2019– 2020 financial year and also broke it down into quarters. In the very first quarter, I was ahead of my objective. I also provided myself a wonderful benefit of a trip to Italy in July 2020 for accomplishing the objective.

I eliminated all disturbances

I placed my blinkers on to stay clear of interruptions. Like a lot of racehorses, I go well when concentrated; nonetheless, I have the capability to go off track and also get conveniently sidetracked. Establishing daily goals has actually helped me to not waste time.

I called every one of my going crazy fans

Why look for new clients at all times when there are people around you that recognize you, like you as well as depend on you. Past clients are like gold. I just rang all customers and said, “I have a new brand as well as would certainly enjoy your assistance currently”. With these easy words, the references started to come in.

I called my representative and customer’s representative friends

Very same point as factor five.

I ended up being a PR equipment

From reserving marketing ads in the documents to working the home authors for content, not a day went by without believing, “Exactly how can I keep pressing my very own personal brand harder?” I additionally made a big effort with my social networks, publishing a selection of info daily. Social network has actually become such a huge part of what we do in terms of individual branding.

I concentrated on my health

There’s no factor in having lots of success if the wheels diminish the cart. In these 90 days, I exercised 4 days a week every week and also did my best to obtain great, tidy food into my system and limit my alcohol consumption. It’s never ever simple for somebody that loves a great glass of red as much as I do; nevertheless, it’s something I remain to work with.

I focused on having a favorable attitude

There is a lot to bother with in our globe if you let on your own. I have actually needed to release what I can not regulate and focus on what I can influence. I do my best to prevent negative people as well as likewise attempt to collaborate with like-minded clients.

I decided to have fun again

I bought myself a Vespa, branded it in Di Jones colours and I cruise between the open homes with the wind in my hair and a smile from ear to ear. In short, I have fallen back in love with my work and this is undoubtedly the biggest influence in the uptick in my results.

So, there you go.

Sometimes life does get challenging. It really comes down to how you deal with it. You can sit there and blame the market, blame the competitors, blame the economy– there is an endless list of excuses why we don’t do well.

My advice: Grab the bull by the horns, make a plan and go for it. The sky is the limit.

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